Digital Nomads – Eduardo Borges

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Digital Nomads – Eduardo Borges

100th day living in hotels. Can I make to 365?

Daily cleaning, no toiletries or household items shopping, great breakfast with jazz, 24-hr gym, sauna, reception, no contracts, no money transfers, no random bills, comfy bed and pillows, meeting cool people daily, lounge or cafes to work from, quiet rooms, friendly staff, good internet, flexibility to move whenever I want and more…

Sometimes I still have that feeling of “I miss having a big flat of my own”, but then I think of the hassle I’ll have to go through to get one… and end up sticking to the plan.

Really hard to rationally beat the benefits of living in 5-star hotels around the world.

It comes with a price, but if comfort and convenience translates in productivity and quality of life, sounds like a good investment to me. And staying in hotels of a same chain comes with great benefits.

So yeah, still adapting, but happy with the new challenge.

* me going to the gym 5am – one elevator ride away.
** no selfie no results.

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